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Anything of interest to the OHS Committee in NSW,

People at work, Safety, Travel and anything quirky or funny.

Welcome to my blog site

Welcome to my blog site where you will find articles of interest about Health and Safety (OHS and WHS) in Australia, specially NSW, as well as items of interest, funny or just dumb, from around the world.

alanI am a trainer in Work Health and Safety (WHS) in NSW (Australia) after a long career in business and management consulting.  Included in these pages are some of the material used in training, as well as a range of topics allied to OHS and HR, training or management - or anything else that is different, off-beat, tickles my fancy.

My belief is that although safety is a very serious subject, there is no reason while learning about it, one shouldn't have some fun.  Ralph Smedley, the founderWhats new of Toastmasters International once said, "We learn best in moments of enjoyment "

So lets be serious, and have some fun!

I have structured this blog into different sections. Interesting WHS case summaries from Australia.  News stories from Australia and from the rest of the world.  A few pages on management theories and incident reporting, a few pages of jokes for the trainer and presenter as well as some selected quotations.  mapOf course, links to the legislation and codes of practice are also included.

A full list of the contents can be found in the Site Map

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For off-beat safety humour, take a look at the  chap who  broke his collarbone after a series of mishaps or on the same page, the whore house that sued a church   



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